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Why Pilates is not a Cookie Cutter Fitness Routine

January 28, 2020

If you’ve made sugar cookies before — I’m betting you’re like me, and you get bored if you try to use the same cookie cutter for a whole batch of cookies. Sometimes when people join a big-box gym they try a class, and they go every day for a few days, and then they start to get bored—just like using one cookie cutter when making cookies. Have you tried a cookie cutter fitness class? They send out routines monthly or quarterly, and the instructor does their best to replicate the routine while teaching your class. You may even be one of those people who tries to stay in the back row, so none of the other attendees will see if you make a mistake!

Pilates at Highway 54 Pilates and More is the opposite of cookie cutter fitness. As a professional Pilates instructor, I see a variety of clients with a variety of needs concerning their movement programs. Here’s 10 reasons why clients tell me they come to our studio:

  1. They want to learn to move better
  2. Create a regular Pilates practice
  3. They want stress relief
  4. They want to improve their health
  5. They want to find exercises suitable for their bodies even when they have injuries
  6. They want accountability to exercise on a regular basis
  7. They want to gain core strength
  8. They want to try something new
  9. They’d like to improve their body image
  10. They want to create balance in their body

As a someone who might be considering taking private sessions or group classes with a Pilates instructor we want you to know that your Pilates sessions at Highway 54 Pilates are tailored to what your body can do and to your why  for coming to see us.

During your first session, we’ll have you fill out a health intake form where we also include some questions about your health and fitness goals. We include this as a way to start the conversation with you about what you want to get out of your experience with us and how we can best help you. Please don’t skip this question and please be honest! We know that having a regular workout program that you actually enjoy and is meeting your goals can make all the difference in the world to your overall health and we’re excited to have the chance to work with you and help you enjoy your movement time!

Learn more about our instructors! Sign up for a session today and let us help you with your health and fitness goals.