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Pilates Training

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About Pilates

The Pilates method is a complete system for mind-body conditioning that helps build flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance. Pilates does not emphasize one section of the body over another. Pilates routines develop strength in the legs, abdominals, arms, hips, and back.

At Highway 54 Pilates we place a strong emphasis on improving posture through spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, and developing a strong core. Pilates routines work to improve coordination, balance, and body control. The Pilates method teaches you healthy movement habits that will keep your body fit, flexible, and injury-free.

Pilates Reformer

Part scientist, mechanical genius, and anatomy movement guru, Joseph Pilates created a movement system he named contrology. An important component of this system was the apparatus. He designed the apparatus to assist with stretching, strengthening and balancing your body. The Reformer is the most popular piece of Pilates apparatus.

The Reformer carriage rides on a system of springs and straps making it a low-impact fitness option. Pilates Reformer classes are ideal for treating injuries. Low-impact Reformer routines allow you to exercise multiple times a week. One secret to long-lasting health is a consistent exercise routine.

At Highway 54 Pilates Reformer routines are an age-friendly option. Older adults find that balance, flexibility, and endurance improve with safe and responsible Reformer workouts.

For younger or more fit individuals, Reformer classes are a dynamic workout challenge. You will feel invigorated, stretched, and ready for anything after taking a Reformer class at Highway 54 Pilates.

We limit Reformer classes to 6 clients per class.

Pilates Jump

Every exercise routine is not for everybody. Running is not the best choice for everyone, especially if you have knee or hip issues. For some conditions, running may exacerbate your condition, leaving you in more pain, and less likely to add healthy movement to your daily activities. The Pilates Jump board is an accessory to the Pilates Reformer. The Jump board is a firm, padded surface that allows for solid foot placement, allowing a Pilates Certified instructor to turn your Pilates Reformer routine into a safe cardio workout.

For an overweight person, the Reformer with the Jump board provides a supportive place to strengthen your body, and get a cardio workout without strain. Performing running like exercises lying down on a moving carriage gives the body a way to strengthen the muscles without bearing your weight in your knees and ankles. The adjustable spring tension allows your Pilates instructor to adjust the level of difficulty to your needs.

As an athlete, you will find Pilates Jump routines a safe way to challenge your strength, flexibility and balance.

Pilates Jump is a fun, energetic class that improves leg strength, abdominal strength and cardiovascular endurance.

We limit Pilates Jump classes to 6 clients per class.

Pilates Springboard

It’s easy to let movement and exercise be the first thing you don’t do, but physically moving makes us feel physically and mentally better. If you are out of shape or worried about injuring yourself with a more rigorous routine, a Pilates Certified instructor will tailor a routine that fits your personality and learning style so you feel successful and enjoy the process.

Pilates Springboard is a great option to challenge your fitness routine. The Pilates Springboard is a program designed to create a balance and strength through a safe progression of exercises. The Pilates Springboard is adaptable to anybody, fitness level or injury condition.

The Springboard provides variable resistance springs customizable to each workout and exercise movement by adjusting the tension strength and springs. This allows for flexible workouts that meet you where you are in your fitness goals.

If are starting a fitness program, injured, or intend to challenge your body in fresh ways, the Pilates Springboard resistance trainer is a great way to get you moving. At Highway 54 Pilates, we believe that mindful movement like Pilates Springboard changes your life. We want everyone to realize the amazing benefits of this remarkable exercise.

Our Springboard group classes incorporate Pilates Springboard with Pilates Mat work. This workout stretches and strengthens your core using the different springs from lying or standing positions. Be prepared for a challenging workout!

You may enhance your practice for the Springboard class through private, & duet sessions. For group sessions we limit classes to 6 clients per class.

Pilates Chair

When you hear Pilates Chair, do you imagine elderly people exercising with their feet while sitting in a recliner? Joseph Pilates named his chair apparatus the Pilates Chair because the design allowed him to convert this piece of equipment into a sitting chair!

If you desire to improve your balance with movement practice, a Pilates Chair class at Highway 54 Pilates is an excellent option. Joseph Pilates designed the Pilates chair to help you get stronger and balanced in  your body. The Chair is a small seat with a spring loaded paddle below it. The exercises position and balance your body somewhere on the seat, then use the loaded paddle to challenge your balance. The size is just big enough to give you some support, but small enough to challenge your balance and core strength. Many of the Chair exercises challenge you to exercise with one arm or leg while you keep balance with your core.