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Amie Ross at the Barre in Studio54 Pilates & More West

Burn at the BARRE

If you desire a long, lean, and muscular body a Burn at the BARRE session at Highway 54 Pilates is for you. The Pilates Sports Center created these BARRE routines with a team of professional dancers and a chiropractor. Pilates-style BARRE workouts recruit different muscle fibers than a Reformer or Springboard routine.

Burn at the BARRE is an excellent exercise for better posture, improved stability, and muscular endurance. Muscular endurance will improve everything from running to simply climbing the stairs to a fifth-floor office.

Many of the movements in BARRE class require balance and flexibility, which are not in a standard cardio or strength training routine. When you workout at the BARRE you’re recruiting core muscles to help stabilize your entire body, making it a true total-body workout.

Burn at the BARRE is the latest in sculpting and toning. These routines are fine tuned to deliver the best results based on the best the BARRE has to offer without risking knee or low back issues. At Highway 54 Pilates, we use light weights to sculpt the arms. We toughen the abdominals and glutes with floor work and use the BARRE to introduce exercise variations you have never seen or felt.

Join us and change up your routine to keep your body moving in the right direction.