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What is the difference between private, semi-private and group classes?

December 17, 2019

We base The Pilates method of exercise on learning specific principles of breath, control, precision, flowing movement, centering, and concentration. Learning the method is truly a process that is continually challenging you to connect to your body so you can learn to breathe more efficiently, move from your center, and create uniform development or balance in your body. At our studio, our instructors will guide you through this process at the rate that is right for you.

Every body and every personality learns differently and the best process for you to learn will be unique to you. There really is no right or wrong way.

We suggest starting your Pilates journey with 3-6 private sessions. By starting your learning process with private sessions, you have a chance to learn the basic ideas and principles in a way that is very specific to your body. These private sessions will give you a chance to learn the Pilates fundamentals such as how to breathe during your exercises, how to engage your deep abdominal muscles, and how to stabilize your hips and shoulders.

These sessions will also give you a chance to create body awareness about how your body moves, where your individual imbalances may be, and give you an idea of places you can focus and work on as you continue your Pilates practice. After your introductory private sessions, how you continue your Pilates training is really up to you.

Private sessions offer complete one-on-one attention from your instructor and allow you to move and learn at your own specific pace. Individual sessions are also great for fine tuning and making adjustments specific to you.
Semi-private sessions are a great way to work out with a friend and still get the individualized attention of a private session.

Small group classes are a fun, effective way to do a Pilates workout while still getting great adjustments and feedback from your instructor. Some clients take just private or semi-private sessions, some take just classes, and many do both! We suggest trying them all so you can find out what you enjoy the most. Consistency is the key in creating an effective Pilates practice in your life, so try to find some regular times that you can put into your weekly schedule.