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Our Zoom Client of The Month April 2020

April 5, 2020

Christina Schraeder has been coming to Highway 54 Pilates for two years. She originally came into the studio because she really wanted to blow the dust of off the reformer, she had purchased 10 years ago and would only use as a clothes horse or for some exercise occasionally. Christina noticed that her other exercise courses were beginning to hurt her body and she was walking around feeling pain rather than feeling strong. From the moment she walked into Highway 54 Pilates and its vivaciously inspiring instructor, Amie Ross, she has walked taller and felt stronger in her core than at any other time in her life. Christina now enjoys entering rooms feeling the confidence that Pilates and the encouragement of the intimate community of friends at Highway 54 Pilates has breathed into her and it feels so nice! She has participated in Private and Group classes in Pilates and THE GYROTONIC® Expansion System and continues to inspire us with her progress! Here are her answers to our questions.

When did you start working out at Highway 54 Pilates and why?

I came into Highway 54 Pilates after finally deciding to use my cheapo reformer as more than a clothes horse. I had several Pilates experiences about a 2 decades ago, loved it, then moved to where it was not offered.  I have been living overseas for 19 years, and even now, there is not a live Pilates course offered, but online classes, including the series offered at Highway 54 Pilates have made it possible for me to find my love of Pilates again.

Describe your workouts. How many days a week do you workout?

Currently, not enough, due to the Corvid 19 protocols. I like to spend at least 3 days a week, riding my bike to work or around for exercise. I was attending 3 Spin classes per week. I was teaching a tween group of girls Pilates, one day a week and doing some Pilates Online reformer and mat classes. Then life changed. I’m currently reorganizing my life to fit our socially distanced work days. I plan to tune into Amie’s Pilates 4 to 5 days per week and then try to improve upon that as I learn to manage my distance learning and teaching schedule better.

What is your current fitness goal?

To walk taller, without neck pain and less hip and knee pain. To be able to get up off the floor without the use of my hands. To walk in a way that my knees are not knocking and creating undo stress on my joints. To tighten up the bat wings, etc.

What has been your biggest accomplishment?

Becoming a Pilates mat instructor at Highway 54 Pilates is right up there with having a job that makes me happy and getting a Masters that involved a steep tech learning curve, when I used for forget to save my work and have paid the price for it, and so I used to think computers would blow up when I touched them. Likewise, if you had told me 10 little girls would be looking at me like I am a Pilates expert one day I would have rolled on my back laughing.

What helps you stay on track?

A threatening look and a stick of dynamite might be the only things on one day and on the next I can be the one motivating others to join me workout.  I’m a yo-yo gun hoer. My instructor offering me classes and then sending me invites is a big help. The biggest motivator for exercise for me has been the feeling I get after I have been at it for a while.  I like the look of my biceps as I grab the shampoo, and you know, walking by a mirror is not as painful. LOL.

What do you do when you’re not at the studio? 

I cry a lot. Honestly, with the online zoom video classes, I feel like I’m there again. Amie sure likes to torture my gut as if I’m right there.

Do you have a favorite exercise or favorite piece of equipment?

The reformer, the reformer, the reformer…although the springboards were starting to grow on me before I left Wichita to come back to Saudi.

Describe our studio in 3 words.

Organic, Inviting, and an Equal Opportunity Workout Facility (Pets & People)

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting Pilates?

Do it! You will be amazed at the results and surprised at how much work you can do while sitting or lying down, it’s a no-brainer.