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If you have neck pain, Pilates may help

November 14, 2020

Do you have chronic neck pain? Do you have limited range of movement in your neck? The Pilates Method of exercise may help you.

Neck pain often leaves people frustrated with exercises and they give up entirely.

If you are having neck pain you should know that just one session with a qualified Pilates instructor, could get you moving again.

Pilates is an adaptable method of exercises designed to create strength, balance and flexibility. Most clients discover Pilates practice helps them create balance in their body, reducing neck discomfort and leaving them feeling better.

If you have neck pain and are interested in discovering Pilates, ask your instructor about their experience, training and specifically if they have worked with a client with neck pain in the past.

Before you begin practice complete our Health Survey Form form and keep your instructor informed on how the Pilates exercises feel. Your feedback helps your instructor to direct you into getting the most benefit from the Pilates method.

At Highway 54 Pilates we start new students with private sessions, so we can give you maximum attention. This is essential, especially if you have physical pain or are overcoming an injury. Private sessions will give you the maximum benefits and help your instructor in fine tuning exercises for you. Your instructor will give you suggestions on which type of class might be the best fit for you after you have concluded some private sessions.

When starting any exercise program take time to talk to your health care providers, and let them know the exercise program you are starting.