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How does a semi-private session work?

December 14, 2020

Since the pandemic – we have implemented social distancing at our studio, and to us that means we can not offer classes in our current space. We can do sessions of 3 or less and adhere to the guidelines that the CDC has put out for Pilates studios, so we wanted to go over some questions people are asking!

A semi-private session is a scheduled Pilates session with 2 to 3 people that want to work out together. Semi-private sessions are an especially popular option for spouses who want to workout together as well as friends and family members.

What’s the difference between a class and a semi-private session?
Semi-private sessions are set up by the individuals taking the session with an instructor and can be scheduled at your convenience. You can schedule with individuals you choose, or you can contact me if you’d like me to pair you up with someone!

What will we do in a semi-private session?
Your instructor can tailor each session to the needs of everyone in your session. Sessions can include Pilates Equipment work designed to meet your goals.

Does everyone in our group need to be at the same level or experience level?
Because semi-private groups are small it is usually not a problem for your instructor to give variations and modifications of exercises to accommodate everyone.

When can we schedule semi-private sessions?
We have a variety of times and availability from early morning, day time, evening and weekends to schedule sessions.

How do I pay for semi-private session?
Clients can pay individually for a semi-private session or buy a package of semi-private sessions.