Highway 54 Pilates to Open New Location in East Wichita

October 24, 2018

“I was in a severe car wreck in 1997 that left me in chronic pain for 10 years with permanent degenerative frontal lobe brain damage and taking high doses of pain medication,” said Ross. “When I found Pilates, I was able to strengthen my body and improve my balance so that I could live and move pain free.”

In 2009, Ross embarked on a journey to become a Pilates instructor with the ultimate goal of opening her own studio. She has since become a Pilates master trainer and has earned numerous certifications. In 2014, she opened Highway 54 Pilates’s first location on the west side of Wichita.

“I was a prisoner of my body until I found Pilates, and it gave me freedom,” said Ross. “I also lost 100 pounds and have kept it off. Now I am paying it forward, helping other people live pain-free and teaching people to become instructors.”

The mission of Highway 54 Pilates is to be a leading force for health improvement by providing top-quality Pilates instruction, wellness education, and fitness training to develop vitality and improve wellness of mind and body through movement.


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Start Your Training

Highway 54 Pilates & More West Wichita Location

West Wichita

9099 W. Central Ave.
Highway 54 Pilates & More East Wichita Location

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Highway 54 Pilates & More East Wichita Location

East Wichita

214 S. Rock Rd.

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