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Health Success Story: Amie Ross

October 24, 2018

Whether you are healthy, or health-challenged, we hope you enjoy learning more about Amie’s health success story. Let her be an inspiration to you to do whatever it takes to achieve health and vitality – mind, body, and spirit.

Amie Ross – My Health Success Story:
People have asked, why the name Highway 54 Pilates?  It reflects and respects our journey, the road we travel.  I was born in Greensburg, Kansas, graduated moved to Hutchinson, KS.  Became a Hotel General Manager and lived and Managed properties all over.  Hutchinson, KS, Dodge City, Garden City, Columbia, MO; Storm Lake, IA, Wichita, KS, Sherman, TX.  My parents home was and is one mile north of highway 54 and many years and journeys later, I opened my Studio just one mile north of highway 54.

My husband and I were living in Sherman, TX when the Greensburg Tornado of 2007 happened, and I was helping to open a resort property in Storm Lake Iowa at the time.  It was this “tragedy” that brought us back to Kansas, Wichita specifically.  I accepted the position of General Manager and Opened a new property here in Wichita.  Out of such a travesty a HUGE blessing came.  When we moved to Wichita it was the first time we lived somewhere that had a Pilates studio, my life changed forever thanks to that.  I now get to live pain free and help others live pain free.  I have also gone back to school and become a GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Instructor and Pilates Sports Center Master Trainer.  Pay it forward is the motto I now get to live and it is amazing!

For fun, this photo is a side by side comparison of my “before” and “after.”

For those questions, can Pilates help with …? The answer is always yes.

Here is a little list of  all the issues that Pilates and the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® has helped me with:

  • Frontal Lobe brain damage – degenerative and mimics early on-set Alzheimer’s with ADHD
  • Osteoarthritis throughout my entire spine
  • Disc Degeneration throughout my entire spine – I went from 5’8″ down to 5’6″ (I am now 5’7″)
  • Sheared the spinous processes of my neck and broke C4 & C5 Severe Nerve and Neurological damage to the muscles
  • Several Pinched nerves and slipped discs
  • Tore & Stretched the tendons and ligaments on the front of my neck
  • Tore my upper trap
  • Tore my rotator cuff
  • Partially tore my labrum
  • Dislocated my left shoulder
  • Dislocated my right hip
  • Scoliosis throughout my lumbar spine
  • Hyper – Lordosis
  • Rotated and tilted pelvis
  • Rotated ribcage
  • Torn Hamstring
  • SI joint issues from a broken tail bone and scolosis
  • Knocked Knees
  • Osteoarthritis in my left shoulder and both hips
  • Thoracic spine fused itself to try and stabilize the lumbar and neck “issues”
  • Atrophy of the Lumbar muscles
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Type II Diabetis
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Endometriosis
  • Depression

Here’s the good news – four years ago I could (granted not well, but COULD) hit a tennis ball with a racket. I’ve regained one inch back in my height, am now 5’7″. Approximately 6 years ago I could read an entire book. My brain damage appears to be getting better not worse, I do not expect to ever be where I was, but I have learned to be grateful for where I am. I have earned this place.

Oh yea, and look at the healthy me, I’ve lost 100 pounds and kept it off for 8 years!! Feeling great AND it shows!!  Don’t put your health on hold, everyone can do Pilates and YOU can enjoy health success too!