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Don’t wait until your out of pain to start Pilates

February 13, 2020

Individualized Pilates sessions are designed to work with your body wherever it is and more often than not the precise, balanced movement we do in Pilates can create balance in your body that lessens or eliminates pain! Please note that I did say individualized Pilates sessions.

If you have pain in your body and you are new to the Pilates method, I wouldn’t suggesting taking a large group class at the gym or following along with a video. The best way to learn the Pilates method of exercise is with an experienced instructor and if you have pain you’ll want to start off with some private sessions to make sure you understand how to move safely and effectively before trying a small group class.

Call or stop by our East Wichita or West Studio’s to help you experience Pilates safely in your body, learn about the possibilities and let you discuss how Pilates sessions and classes might be able to help you meet your health goals.